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In most cases of fire damage restoration in Jacksonville, there are personal items that need to be cleaned and restored. Contents are the items found in a home for use or consumption, including appliances, furniture, food, and clothing.

Contents that have sustained significant damage must be removed from the property after a fire to prevent mold growth which can cause more damage to contents.

The following is an example list of common contents found in houses:

  • Appliances: Refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, washers, dryers.
  • Furniture: Couches, armchairs, cabinets/closets.
  • Dressers, mattresses
  • Sectional sofas or loveseats with multiple components
  • Food: Cooked food, canned goods, cereal boxes, snacks
  • Clothing & linens: Closets, dressers/chests of drawers, bookshelves, or entertainment units
  • Flooring: Carpet, tile, hardwood floors, linoleum
  • Paintings, pictures
  • Books & Jewelry

Our network of fire damage professionals are familiar with what has to be done with personal belongings in case of a fire. Not everything can be salvaged, and that’s something that you need to be aware of.

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Post-Fire Personal Belonging Cleaning Process

After your property has sustained fire damage restoration in Jacksonville, you should get in touch with professionals for personal item cleanup. The cleanup process will involve the following steps:

Debris Removal and Disposal

First off, the professionals will remove debris from the site. This debris includes burnt materials that are no longer usable or needed in the home. It’s important to remove the debris to clean the home.

Soot Removal by Vacuuming

After the debris is removed, stains will still remain on items that are exposed to smoke or firefighting chemicals that are toxic. Professionals use special vacuums to remove these stains. These vacuums are equipped with HEPA filters, which means the dust and debris they vacuum up are locked in. Blowing is the next step in the process. This works by using special equipment that sprays air on damaged items to remove soot particles. Professionals use this method because it’s faster than vacuuming but not as thorough.

Soap-Based Cleaning Process

When all debris and soot is removed, professionals now proceed to clean the personal belongings using soap or detergent solutions. Some commonly used cleaning solutions are laundry detergent and dishwashing liquid. If the items are not made of cotton, wool, silk, or any plant materials, then it is better to use a mild detergent solution that doesn’t contain harsh chemicals and agents. If the home or any portion of it was affected by fire, then there might be traces of bacteria and mold. Professionals use solutions that kill bacteria and remove odor from contaminated materials to prevent a bad situation from getting worse.


This is where the professionals will get rid of all smoke smells from your personal belongings so you can start fresh with your stuff. The smell of smoke tends to linger in fabrics and fabrics, which is why deodorizing is extremely important. Call us today to clean your belongings after fire damage in Jacksonville.

What Must Be Thrown Away After a Fire?

In the Jacksonville fire damage restoration process, there are some things you can salvage and even reuse later. But then there are soةe items that you must throw away no matter what state they’re in.

Here are these items.

Non-Perishable Food

Non-perishable food exposed to smoke, firefighting chemicals, and heat must be thrown away.

If it smells like smoke, throw it out!


Honestly, if your TV and other electronics got wet or even a little bit of smoke damage, then you should just toss them. They will not come back to life, and they may even catch fire once you plug them in again. Just buy new ones.


This includes books, documents, papers of any sort that are irreplaceable or important to you. Just throw them away unless it’s something you really need to save.


If the fire reaches your medicine cabinet and they’re no longer safe for consumption, then you should just toss them out. Keep in mind that medicines have to be kept at certain temperatures or else they will not be effective. So, even if you keep the medicines after a fire, they may not be of any use.

Soot-Soaked Clothing

Throw away clothing that got wet with water or was covered in soot from the fire. If soot does not completely blacken the whole garment, you can try to wash it away.

Just wipe off soot with warm water and soap. Then use a mild detergent solution to wash the clothes in if there is still some left. Otherwise, you can skip the step and just dry clean them instead.

Textiles Exposed to Heat

There are some fabrics that can “wick” heat, which means it absorbs the heat so fast, it almost melts. These textiles include cotton t-shirts, silk dresses, and wool sweaters. These items can’t be saved, so don’t bother trying to save them. Just toss them out.


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What Must I Throw Away After a Fire?

You should throw away cosmetics, medicine, food items, paper, and post-fire clothing that isn’t salvageable.

How Do I Know What to Save After a Fire?

You can save anything as long as it is clean and dry. This means washing it to ensure no dirt or chemical residue remains on the surface. Dry cleaning will further ensure that it is safe.

Is There Anything I Can Do to Naturally Improve the Smell of My Home After a Fire?

Yes, you can use things like vinegar and baking soda in bowls and leave them around your home to absorb any smoke smell. You can also put some lemon or orange peels in an oven-proof dish with a little bit of salt to release a sweet-smelling aroma.

How Do I Get the Smoke Smell out of Clothing?

Wash your clothes with a cupful of vinegar or baking soda. You can also try adding a half-teaspoon of liquid detergent and a couple of drops of essential oil for every load you run through the washing machine.

Once the fire has been put out, the property owner must determine what restoration services are needed. Content restoration is the process of returning items to their original state before they were damaged by smoke or heat.

Often contents are severely damaged by smoke and water damage after a fire. Allowing professional help ensures the greatest possible results for your property. Our network of fire damage professionals ensure your personal belongings are treated with care and respect. Our professionals have vast experience in the business of restoration, providing quality workmanship to our customers each day.

Our network of fire damage professionals have the equipment needed to remove heat, smoke, soot, and fire-damaged materials from your property. All contents are moved in a careful manner to salvage as many items as possible.

Our Fire Damage Restoration Jacksonville Services

Our teams’ contents restoration services include:

  • Furniture and Wood Flooring Restoration (Fire & Smoke Damage): Offering a cost-effective means of restoring furniture and wood flooring with minimal replacement. Our technicians follow industry standards to ensure that your property receives quality treatment for smoke and fire damage on all surfaces, including flooring.
  • Contents Restoration (Water Damage & Fire Damage): When water damage is present, restoration services are always necessary to minimize the potential for mold growth and structural damage due to excess moisture. Jacksonville fire restoration experts offer complete contents restoration services using dehumidifiers, blowers, and other equipment to dry your property quickly and thoroughly.
  • Contents Cleaning (Smoke Damage): Our team offers a comprehensive approach to content cleaning that includes the use of HEPA vacuum cleaners, wet and dry vacuums, thermal foggers, and deodorizers. Our technicians work to reduce odors by eradicating contaminants such as bacteria, microbes, and viruses through thorough cleaning and disinfection.
  • Flooring Cleaning (Soot & Dirt Smoke Damage): When dirt and soot settle on your carpet or flooring, we offer professional content cleaning using industry standards to ensure that all of the contaminants are removed safely and completely. This leaves surfaces looking as good as new.

Content Restoration Checklist

When your home is afflicted with fire damage, you are capable of assessing the structural integrity of your property. You can distinguish between water and smoke damage, which is an important aspect of content restoration.

However, there are many aspects that should be taken into account when dealing with fire damage restoration in Jacksonville to ensure that all damages are repaired appropriately. The following list can help you immensely in such a situation.

Assess the Damage

First and foremost, you need to assess the damage done. You need to know what you are dealing with to be able to plan the next move effectively.

Take Pictures

When content repair is underway, it helps to have photographic records of before and after conditions as a record for your files and insurance claims. This also enables you to see what needs to be done and how things should appear after repair and restoration are complete.


Determining the extent of damage and what needs to be done will help you plan for restoration accordingly. Professional assistance can ensure your property gets quality contents repair services in Jacksonville.

When you need content restoration services, we are available with top-notch equipment needed for bringing your personal belongings back to their original shape.

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Why Hire a Professional Company for Content Restoration?

The Fire Damage Restoration Jacksonville, Florida Offers

Content restoration after fire damage is no easy business since you need to ensure that all of your furniture and belongings are restored to their original condition.

If you do not possess the right equipment, knowledge, and experience to bring your property back to pre-loss conditions, then you should hire a professional for content restoration services.

Here are some reasons to hire a professional fire damage restoration Jacksonville Florida company rather than doing content restoration yourself:


A professional company will have the right equipment, knowledge, and experience to bring your personal belongings back to their original condition.


As we mentioned above, if you do not have top-notch skills and experience in content restoration, then it might end up being a mistake on your part. In that case, you can further damage property by making mistakes while trying to fix things yourself.


Professionals will restore your belongings and fixtures not only promptly but also efficiently by using quality services and products.

A professional restoration company will not only save you from spending more on fixing mistakes but also from dealing with shoddy workmanship.

Call our network of fire damage professionals and we will send a team of experts that can provide quality services.

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What Can Be Salvaged After a Fire?

You can salvage anything that is not charred or damaged beyond repair. Some fire-resistant items include books, framed art, outdoor grill parts, and appliances with metal exteriors. Furniture may also be salvaged if it does not have burn marks and only has other types of damage such as smoke stains (on upholstery) or water damage (from sprinkler systems).

What Is the Process for Content Restoration?

The initial step involved in content restoration is to remove soot and other forms of residue from all surfaces in a structured manner. This includes walls, ceilings, floors, carpets, cabinets, doors, etc. Once you have completely scoured your property clean, it’s time to start repairing and rebuilding.

For content restoration, you will need to make a list of everything damaged or destroyed as well as those items that can be saved for insurance claims.

How Much Does Content Restoration Cost?

The cost of content restoration largely depends on the amount of damage done to your belongings and fixtures after a fire. The extent of repair work required will determine the furniture content restoration cost. The more items you have to fix, the more costly these restoration services will be.

What Happens After I Choose a Contents Restoration Company?

After choosing a company for furniture contents restoration, you need to provide them with access to your property so they can assess it and estimate how long the contents restoration process will take. Your contents restoration company will then give you a detailed quote of the work that needs to be done.

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