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In the event of a fire, the restoration process should be started as soon as possible to avoid any further damage. Even after the fire has been put out, there may still remain some hot spots that can reignite and cause further damage if neglected for too long.

Once the first responders have left the scene, It’s time for our professionals to come in and take care of everything else.

Our network of fire damage professionals make sure that the scene is thoroughly cleaned and deodorized, restoring your home to its pre-loss condition.

Water damage restoration work begins after the initial steps in fire restoration have been taken care of. The source of water infiltration must be properly identified in order for us to determine the appropriate method of extraction.

Our team will also have to test the air quality to ensure that there are no harmful residues present after water damage has taken place.

Once all of this work is complete, our technicians will dry out the area using powerful equipment and techniques that will allow your property’s structural elements to reach proper drying conditions in no time.

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Inspection After a Fire

One of the first things our experts do is inspect your property. A thorough inspection of the property is important to determine the extent of damage, as well as to form accurate incident reports that will be used for insurance claims.

Our team will work with your property insurer to make sure everything is documented properly, and you get the most appropriate compensation for losses.

The inspection process encompasses the following:

  • Roof Inspection: Some embers from the fire may burn through the roof and cause additional damages. Our team will check for ember residue on the roof and replace any burnt shingles.
  • Floor Inspection: Flooring can also be damaged from fire fighting efforts, such as using water to put out a fire or high-pressure hoses that can damage floors and walls.
  • Insulation Inspection: Insulation around the area that has been affected by the fire may have become wet due to water used to put out the fire. This can become a breeding ground for mold, which is why it’s very important that your insulation is disposed of properly.
  • Smoke Damage Inspection: Smoke particles are highly corrosive and can cause further damage if left untreated over time. Our experts will test your walls and ceilings for smoke residue and apply a chemical treatment to neutralize the area by removing all smoke particles.
  • Concrete Inspection: Concrete can sometimes retain heat from a fire, so it’s important that it is inspected after a fire. If the concrete has become too hot, it may cause damage to wooden structures. Our technicians will perform a concrete inspection and identify any potential areas of concern.
  • Timber Inspection: Sometimes, embers from the fire may burn through wooden structures such as joists, beams, or studs, which can cause significant damage that is not visible from the exterior of the structure.
  • Heating and Plumbing System Inspection: Our experts also check for signs of damage in the piping and ducts to make sure that there is no residual damage present.
  • Cleaning Services: Our Technicians start by using powerful equipment such as high-pressure cleaners and fogging machines for a deep clean. The equipment we use ensures thorough cleaning of all floors, carpets, upholstery, and other surfaces.
  • Deodorizing: After the cleaning is complete, our experts proceed with deodorizing your entire property to ensure that all smells have been removed from the areas affected by the fire. They use industrial-strength deodorizers that are completely safe for the environment and will not cause any lasting smells. Odor removal is another important step in the fire restoration process. Fogging machines treat all surfaces that have been affected by smoke and other odors that may cause unpleasant smells even after the cleaning has taken place.
  • Dehumidification: Dehumidifiers are used to make sure that proper humidity levels are restored after water damage takes place. Our teams’ dehumidifiers remove all dampness from floors, walls, ceilings, carpets, and other surfaces affected by the fire.

Fire & Smoke Cleanup

After the fire and smoke restoration process has been completed, our network of fire damage professionals move on to deodorizing and cleaning your home in order to make it habitable again.

Fire Damage Restoration Process

The fire damage restoration process for Jacksonville is divided into the following steps:

1. Assessment

Firstly, any Jacksonville fire damage restoration experts will assess the property for safety purposes. This step ensures that our technicians can safely carry out the rest of the restoration process without causing further damage to your property.

2. Water Removal

The next step involves removing all water affected by the fire in order to prevent any further damage or risks for mold development. To do that, our experts use high-powered pumps and vacuums along with dehumidifiers to extract all water.

3. Drying

Subsequently, our technicians start the drying process in order to prevent further damage and restore your home’s structural stability. Using powerful equipment such as air movers and dehumidifiers, they dry all surfaces in your house that have been affected by the fire (floors, carpets, and furniture).

4. Mold Removal

Jacksonville fire damage restoration services also include mold removal. Since the heat from a fire destroys all bacteria and spores, our technicians need to restore these elements in your home so they can control any potentially harmful molds that may grow after the water has been removed.

5. Removing Smoke Residue

To complete the restoration process, our technicians use special cleaning solvents that remove any smoke residue left behind.

Drywall Replacement

Drywall replacement is an important step in the fire damage restoration process since drywall becomes extremely brittle after it’s exposed to heat.

This brittleness can cause the surface to crack when it is handled, so our technicians perform a thorough inspection of your property before replacing all cracked or damaged drywall.

Commonly Used Equipment in Fire Damage Restoration for Jacksonville, Florida

It’s important to use the right equipment for cleaning and restoration purposes. The following equipment is commonly used in fire damage restoration for structures in Jacksonville:

  • Air Movers: Using powerful air movers and dehumidifiers, our technicians dry out all affected areas to restore your home’s structural stability.
  • Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaners: Our technicians use wet/dry vacuum cleaners to remove any water in your home.
  • Air Scrubber: An air scrubber is a powerful machine that removes any harmful particles from the air, preventing further damage.
  • Negative Air Fan: A negative air fan helps remove any harmful particles that were left behind by the fire.
  • Dehumidifiers/Moisture Detectors: Dehumidifiers remove moisture from all surfaces in your home to prevent further damage and mold development. Moisture detectors are used to measure the amount of water present so to choose the right humidity level for each area affected by the fire.
  • High-Pressure Cleaners: High pressure cleaning ensures a thorough clean of all affected surfaces and will remove any soot from hard-to-reach corners.
  • Chemical Cleaning Solvents: In order to remove any smoke residue, our experts use professional chemical cleaning solvents that are environmentally safe. In addition, utilization of products that remove all odors and leave your property smelling fresh and clean.

After the fire restoration process is complete, our experts will do a final inspection of all affected areas before providing you with an official report. Our networks goal is to provide you with the absolute finest Jacksonville fire damage restoration services so you can get your life back on track in due time.

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The Jacksonville Fire Damage Restoration Experts Locals Depend On

What Is Smoke and Fire Damage Restoration?

Smoke and fire damage restoration refers to the restoration of a property that has been exposed to smoke and fire. A number of fires leave lasting damage, not immediately visible but detectable by the trained technicians. Fire leaves behind soot, odors, and other residues that need to be professionally cleaned up with equipment such as dehumidifiers and multimeters. The restoration process does much more than clean the house, though.

Does the Smell of Smoke Go Away?

Yes, the smell of smoke will eventually go away. However, it will take time to get rid of the smell. The reason the smoke smell stays for too long is that it penetrates pretty much every surface of your home.

How Do I Know What Type of Restoration to Receive?

The easiest way to figure out which type of restoration you need is by calling in professionals that can detect any damages caused by your fire. They will then recommend the most suitable restoration process for your needs, depending on the fire damage your property has sustained.

How Do You Get Rid of a Smoke Smell After a Fire?

To remove the smell of smoke from a property, we use special cleaning solvents and dehumidifiers to extract all moisture and dry out any affected areas.

What Should I Do After a Fire?

When dealing with fire damage in Jacksonville, you should always follow the instructions provided by authorities to call the right people at the right time. Once the fire has been put out, call a fire damage restoration company to restore the damage immediately.